tsl1000 steplift

  • Practical – with or without bridging steps, provides both wheelchair and pedestrian access at the existing doorway
  • Reliable – Full battery backup as standard provides normal operation in case of mains power failure (30 cycles)
  • Durable – Stainless steel/aluminium finish as standard – suitable for outdoor use.
  • Low Maintenance – annual servicing recommended. Maintenance contract available
  • Easy to Use – has conveniently situated controls, remote option available and shallow approach ramp
  • Unobtrusive – blends into its surrounding
  • Versatile – up to 1 metre rise with bridging steps for up to 3 steps. Upper level interlocked stainless steel gate . Upper level side access & indoor pit models available ยท Safe – built to BS 6440 by a Company with 25 years design
  • Cost Effective – often cheaper than a ramp and can be re-sited

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General Specification

* Designed to BS 6440
* Safe working load – 250kg
* Closed height -75mm
* Maximum rise – 1 metre
* Ramp which doubles as a security device for wheelchair
* Silent, smooth operation
* Dedicated power supply not required
Safety Features

* Arrestor mechanism incorporated into ramp
* Full platform safe edge as standard
* Scissor mechanism fully enclosed by bellows
* Low voltage operation (24 VDC)
* Full battery backup as standard